We represent an uncompromising attitude to changing the narrative around cannabis and making a positive difference for our communities, and the planet.


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COMCO Wellness is a fully integrated wellness company that grows, produces, packages, and fulfills cannabis and CBD products through our own brands and private white label opportunities.

To make cannabis products accessible to all. To inspire healthier communities. And to unlock the power of the plant.

We are product-driven, customer-focused, and people-first. Creating a culture built on integrity, passion and individual stories inspires us to make a difference every day. We value and respect the earth by growing the right way.


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Pete Behncke


Chris Swartout

Executive Strategic Advisor

Eric Franco


Over the 25+ years I have been in business for myself or representing Global and National brands, two common elements that have always been my purpose is to drive both evolution and results through inspirational and servant leadership within a brand or organization. My passion to do so and my energy has always provided me the ability to interact and experience different people with different backgrounds and mindsets which in turn, has helped me to learn about others and also about myself but also about the industry I represent.
After having joined this company and having learned about this amazing plant and what it does, I feel blessed to represent an organization built on the belief of creating a community informed and inspired by people, creating strategic partnerships across the globe, educating those not quite yet familiar with the power of the cannabis plant and helping to creating real shared value via leveraging high quality, hand-produced products which anticipate and fulfill a community's needs and desires. I am proud to help lead our team through integrity, responsibility and alongside people who believe in unlocking the power of the plant for all humanity. Ride that Lightning!

Nicolas Hohne

VP of Compliance and Governmental Affairs

The opportunity to work with a dedicated team daily who make a difference to improve the health and well being of others is why I am proud to work for COMCO Wellness. While having the responsibility to provide support for our team members' development and career opportunities that better their quality of life and those in our community are what most inspires me to come to work with purpose everyday.

Adam Stachnik

Head of Cultivation

As a Landscape Designer, Nurseryman, Avid Hiker, and now Cannabis Grower for the past 5 years, I have always had a special affinity towards plantlife. So much still remains a mystery to us, and it is our obligation for the betterment of humankind to research and hopefully continue to tap into the beneficial properties of all plants. Nature will preserve our planet and the beings living on it as long as we respect and keep an open mind to the benefits and gifts of the natural world around us. My journey has led me to cannabis. I have seen how this species helps people every day, from our Health and Well-being, to Manufacturing and the Environment, and I am proud to be involved in a small part of supporting this world.

Brandon Sanford

Head of Production, Processing and Fulfillment

After working 16 years in the medical field and seeing many patients have to take dozens of different medications to treat their numerous ailments, I came to realize that many of these medications can be replaced with cannabis and with better results. There were many instances where people were asked to take additional pharmaceuticals to combat the adverse effects of another medication they were on whereas cannabis is able to combat a multitude of ailments by itself with little adverse effects.

It was for this reason I decided to make the switch to the cannabis industry. I want to make cannabis readily available to the people who can benefit from it and also to educate people on the benefits that cannabis can provide. I firmly believe in unlocking the power of the cannabis plant for all humanity so everyone can see just how amazing this plant is and how it can help.

Kathryn Brehmer

General Manager, Sales

I have been into cannabis since I was a teen and have always felt that cannabis was something I wanted to work with and dedicate myself to. Moving to Michigan, a legal state, made that a reality and allowed me to follow my dreams in joining the industry. My connection to our vision and mission statement is that I can help lead our team to provide products and awareness to the community. We help break the stigma that still exists against Cannabis by helping educate people around the many ways to use the cannabis plant and all the ways it can help provide wellness to one’s life.

Brenden Ersig

Unit Lead - Indoor Cultivation

Kyle Mills

Unit Lead – Cultivation

I made car parts for the American working man, because that’s who I am and that’s who I care about. But when you break it all down even further - I recognized that I needed a change in my life and cannabis farming was my new way. It made sense, because it gave me a greater sense of purpose. I made the change and I never looked back.

Mercadez Powell

Unit Lead - METRC Cultivation

Throughout the years, I’ve always considered myself nothing more than a casual user of cannabis, however, I’ve always had a certain curiosity about what goes on behind the scenes. You don’t normally stop to think about all the work that goes into a harvest when you’re using cannabis, but when my mom told me about a position that involved cannabis cultivation, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore the world of the cannabis plant and learn about the industry behind its laws and regulations for legal use. I’ve always felt that the full potential of cannabis still hasn’t been reached, and I believe that the culture of teamwork and family that is being built here at COMCO Wellness is a key component in showing the world that cannabis can truly make a positive impact on the lives of many. I believe our approach to cannabis will truly transform our world into a better place, where pharmacies don’t have to rule the world of medicine and people who want to use cannabis recreationally aren’t legally barred from doing so.

Sheri Houseknecht

Unit Lead - Post Production Cultivation

I love to help people and the cannabis industry allowed me to do what I do today and I’m allowed to do so through the “power of the flower!” I love cannabis and being able to grow, nurture and interact with these amazing plants everyday is a passion of mine and the reason I do what I do.

Natasha Carrier

Team Lead, Michigan Wholesale and Retail Sales

I come from a manufacturing background, specializing in problem solving and improving flow/production processes. During my time at Amazon, I worked to reduce the critical pull time misses from 60k a day to 0 a day consecutively. I found myself wanting to do something more, something that could make a lasting impact on people’s lives. Cannabis improved my life in so many ways, that it made perfect sense to make the career change.

When I stepped foot on the foundation that is COMCO Wellness, I knew I was home. I immediately felt that “small town” sense of community and the passion to heal. As I have continued my career with COMCO Wellness, those two characteristics remain the heart of the company. COMCO Wellness is health, care, compassion, and community… and so am I!

Aaron Wales

Unit Lead - Cultivation

Terra Reed

Unit Lead - Cultivation

Amber Sims

Unit Lead - Cultivation

Logan Prater

Head of Facilities and Farm Support