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COMCO Wellness is launching their latest mental-health influenced brand, Out of Office. Out of Office is a high-quality retail and lifestyle cannabis brand cultivated and cured in Hanover, Michigan, that addresses the social issues of burnout and what we can do to relax and recharge.

Inspired by Mental Health Awareness and National Wellness Months

On the heels of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, and with August serving as National Wellness Month, COMCO Wellness is excited about launching a content-oriented brand at the intersection of mental health and prioritizing self-care strategies. According to the World Health Organization, in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%.

“Wellness is a process and a journey towards leading a life of conscious choices,” said COMCO Wellness President Eric Franco. “Out of Office is a brand that hopefully inspires everyone to set boundaries, take breaks and prioritize wellness – and whatever that looks like on the individual level.”

Addressing the Issue With Work/Life Balance 

Going Out of Office is colloquially known as a professional way to detach from work – but it’s triggering a movement among workers experiencing burnout and fatigue. The COVID-19 global health crisis began a shift in opting for self-care with downtime to reflect and rejuvenate.

The social isolation from the pandemic caused multiple stress factors, especially with the concept of working from home becoming increasingly prevalent and forcing work and life to blend with no straightforward ways to disconnect completely. 

Using Content as an Awareness Engine 

Many people turn to social media and meme-inspired content to serve as a mirror and microphone to help address the social and health issues we’re collectively facing. 

“Creating a brand like Out of Office is a direct way to draw attention to the fact that it’s okay to say no to certain obligations and to create boundaries for yourself,” said Franco. “Wellness is self-love and self-care as a whole body, mind, and spirit, and we want to shed light on the idea that it’s okay to make choices that leads you to feel your best.”

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