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One of Michigan’s most experienced, locally owned and operated cannabis companies has acquired Melk products

Earlier this month, COMCO Wellness agreed to terms with an emerging extract brand, Melk Cannabis.

The Melk brand stands out in a crowded category with a unique color scheme, and packaging concept with small milk carton style boxes offering a fun experience.  Aside from the aesthetics, Melk brand is built to engage the cannabis community through its #MELKMIND campaign.

On the side of each box is a mind-bending statement or question that consumers can ponder during their experience.  In addition, the brand is taking on consumer generated content to possibly feature in future packaging releases.  The brand is focused on not taking itself too seriously and getting back to the roots of cannabis; bringing people together to connect, unwind, and have fun.

Inside of the unique packaging are top quality concentrate products.  The first release of their solventless concentrates was in collaboration with Jayde Farms; a boutique grower out of Grand Rapids, MI.  With a mix of exotic fresh frozen strains including Designer Runtz, Popscotti, and Smackin, the initial Melk launch consists of a composite bubble hash and hash rosin.  The combined strain lot is Runtz Smacker #1.

“Our team went out and visited the Jayde grow facility, and they have some strains with incredible terpene content so I knew I had to have it for our initial launch,” said Nick Young, Melk brand co-founder. “We called it Runtz Smacker #1 because of the lineage of the plant material, but also because this is a custom composite which will never be replicated again.”

It’s this branding and production concept that piqued consumer interest resulting in a flood of web traffic, consumer inquiries, Reddit users and multi-state retailers reaching out with interest in the brand.  The brand founder and business partner, Nick Young, needed to find a trustworthy, local, cannabis processor and distribution partner; which is when he turned to COMCO Wellness.

When asked about the new brand partnership, COMCO Wellness President Eric Franco says, “Brands and relationships matter more than ever in this complex and competitive marketplace.  We see our role as partnering with our retail customers to ensure they have access to the best product(s) and SKU(s) available at a competitive price leveraging our low cost-of-goods model.  Our retail partners focus on connecting people to the cannabis industry through their storefronts, and we see it as our job to connect consumers back to those consumption experiences created at retail through the partnerships we earn with provisioning centers and our brands and products.”

COMCO Wellness has found itself in an interesting situation being locally operated and continues to “Raise” expectations for cannabis brands in the state.  At the time of publishing (July 2022), COMCO Wellness’s flagship flower brand, RAISE, was recognized by industry leading business intelligence tool,, as having 3 of the top 10 pre-rolls in Michigan.  It’s clear that COMCO is planning to take that same formula for success and moving into the concentrates category following the opening of their scaled extraction facility.

Melk has launched with its initial production of live rosin and bubble hash are now available for wholesale purchase and set to launch.

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