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CONCORD, MICHIGAN – COMCO Wellness is proud to announce the launch of Brndless (pronounced brand-less) Assorted Gummies to the Michigan market this summer. These 10-piece packs of edibles are made from 100 percent reused packaging and are on a limited run at select dispensaries across the state of Michigan.  

“We saw an opportunity to not add to that trash by putting leftover packaging to good use and keeping it out of the landfills,” says COMCO Wellness President Eric Franco. 

The name Brndless came from the idea that COMCO Wellness had all this new product, reused packaging but no name to call it. 

This assorted gummy pack comes in various flavors, including blue raspberry, watermelon, peach, pineapple, and green apple, ensuring the experience is enjoyable and packaged in reused materials.

Edibles provide a unique type of cerebral high that makes sense for the non-smoker. With an extended-release, Brndless Assorted Gummies provide a different alternative for those who want more choice and control over their experience.

With only 10,000 units made available in Michigan, Brndless Assorted Gummies are only here for a certain amount of time this summer.

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