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One of Michigan’s most experienced, locally owned and operated Cannabis organizations has added scaled cannabis oil production to an already impressive agriculture portfolio.  

HANOVER, MICHIGAN – Nestled in the rural hills of Hanover, Michigan, lives a quiet cannabis giant you may not have heard of, yet…

In addition to 100 acres of licensed canopy including indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation, COMCO Wellness has just completed its implementation of an industrial scale extraction and distillation facility located on its campus in the Emerald Triangle of South-Central Michigan. With this expansion, the organization now has the capability to produce over 200,000 grams of cannabis distillate per 8-10 hour shift.  Engineered by Jesse Hochstedler from Hochstedler, Young, and Associates, large scale, speed, operator safety, and compliance were the key engineering goals of this facility.  

The facility not only allows COMCO Wellness to add products to its existing brands, RAISE, M.I.W.(Marihuana is Wonderful), and Shift Edibles, it also opens up a whole new cannabis manufacturing arm where they look to assist other organizations and brands within the nation’s 4th largest cannabis market.

“We are unbelievably excited to bring this business unit online,” says COMCO Wellness President Eric Teodoro Franco. “Our low-cost-of-goods business model is one we feel strongly puts us in a very competitive position within the marketplace both near and long-term. This investment will allow us to impact the market through the creation of more brands/SKUs within our portfolio offering but also, importantly, allows us to offer high quality, consistent, and very competitively-priced services, and products to wholesale and retail(er) partners across the Michigan landscape.” 

“When I look at the current cannabis market in Michigan, the product selection is relatively standard,” says Nick Young, Processing Partner at COMCO Wellness. “Consumers should expect to see engaging, fun, and affordable cannabis products from us in the Michigan market quite soon.”  

COMCO Wellness is currently accepting outside brand applications who may want to bring their brand(s) or new ideas to the $1.8B Michigan cannabis market. These applications are inclusive of caregiver brands looking to make the bridge into the corporate market. 

COMCO Wellness is a diverse and fully integrated wellness company that grows, produces, packages, and fulfills Cannabis and CBD products through its own brands and private white label opportunities. COMCO Wellness elevates the cannabis experience by owning the entire step of the cultivation process. More information is available at and/or IG @raisetheoccasion, @comcowellness, @getrenewsha

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